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Given our different business model, our sales process is a bit different as well.

  • When we first engage with a customer, we have an informal conversation on the vehicles of interest. To get the conversation started, you can use our eValet Survey Are you looking for a BEV or PHEV? What style? How strongly do you feel about age and mileage? Do you care about color? Some customers know precisely what they want right away, others take time to decide. In all cases, we provide pictures and reports on the types of available vehicles.

  • When the customer has narrowed down the list of target vehicles, we sign a letter of intent (LOI). The LOI specifies the desired vehicle (or vehicles) and agreed-upon price. The LOI is a sign of seriousness but is non-binding. The customer agrees to provide a $500 deposit when we find a specific suitable vehicle in the wholesale market. We agree to work hard to deliver that vehicle to the customer at the agreed-upon price.

  • Auctions of various kinds dominate the wholesale market. We usually find a specific suitable vehicle within a few days, the customer makes a deposit, and we attempt to acquire the vehicle. If we are successful, we then transport, inspect, recondition, certify and deliver the vehicle to the customer for the agreed-upon price. And we handle any post-sale DMV paperwork. The entire process from initial contact to vehicle delivery typically takes two to three weeks, although it can be shorter or longer.

  • If we are unsuccessful in acquiring a vehicle or if the customer changes their mind, we promptly return the deposit. If the customer finds a suitable EV elsewhere at a dealer or a private party, we are still happy that there is one more EV adopter.

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