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There are more and more ways to charge your EV, especially in California. Whether you own a home with a garage or rent an apartment with street parking. We work with you to make sure you have convenient access to affordable and reliable charging.

The table below briefly summarizes the three major types of EV chargers, also called EVSE.

Source: US Department of Transportation (with adjustments and updates)

Home, Work Installation Cost is an estimate. It varies by location and circumstances.

Charging Cost per kWh is an estimate. it varies by location, service plan, season and time of day.

$ per Gallon Equivalent is an estimate based on average gas fuel economy.

  • Level 1 is the simplest and slowest, and just requires a standard 120V electrical outlet. Typically, it will save you up to 75% compared to $5/gallon gas.

  • Level 2 is the most widely available. Home and work locations, as well as public networks. It is considerably faster than Level 1 but can require home or work installation, and cost more in public locations. At home or work, it can still save you up to 75% compared to gas.

  • Level 3 requires special electrical equipment so is typically only available at public charging networks. It is more expensive, although still considerably cheaper than gas. It is also much faster, approaching the refueling speed of gas.

The figure below is a screen shot from, one of the leading EVSE mapping websites. It shows the many public chargers in the Redwood City area. Green symbols are Level 2 chargers, and tan symbols are Level 3 chargers. 

The following sites provide EVSE mapping. You may find them useful. Be sure to review carefully since chargers can go in and out of service.


Alternative Fuels Data Center


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