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eMotion Autos Provides Three Services to our Customers.

Short-term EV Rentals

Long-term EV Leases

EV Charging

eMotion Autos provides SF Bay Area rentals of affordable and reliable EVs for three days to six months. Near mint-condition battery and plug-in EVs for as little as $25 a day. For details, click the link for our EV Renting page.

eMotion Autos provides leases of near-mint-condition EVs in California for six months to three years. Save thousands in gas, and the planet too. "Bumper to bumper" protection included. For details, click the link for our EV Leasing page.

eMotion Autos can also provide assured access to EV charging using the extensive network of public chargers near home or work, or using mobile (we come to you) charging. Email us for details.

If you are upgrading your EV ride and have a used EV in excellent condition to sell, let us know by email. We are constantly adding to our used EV inventory.

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