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EVerything you need to know


What Vehicles Do You Offer? We offer both battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV). We regularly adjust our inventory based on market conditions. Currently, we are featuring Chevrolet Bolts and Nissan Leafs, but we also offer Chevrolet Volts, Kia Niros and other models. All our BEV have a minimum 120 mile range and fast charging capability. All our PHEV have a minimum range of 25 miles on electricity and 250 miles on gas. All our EVs are refurbished and no more than five years old.


Where Do You Offer Vehicles? We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and our EVs can be inspected and test driven there. Our EVs can be driven anywhere in the United States and Canada.


Are There Any Driving Restrictions? Our rented and leased EVs are for personal non-commercial use.


How Much Does A Lease Cost? We price each lease independently based on our ability to acquire EVs at good prices, and on our in-depth understanding of EV value and operation. Our least expensive lease currently is a 36-month Nissan Leaf. Our most expensive lease currently is a 6-month Kia Niro. Leases range from $299/month to $599/month. There is no down payment for clients with good credit, and no end of lease payment as long as the vehicle is returned without excess wear and miles. The lease includes 1,000 miles/month, and excess miles are charged at $0.15/mile.


What Do You Mean By Refurbished? Before we rent or lease a car to you, each of our vehicles goes through a detailed inspection by trained and licensed technicians. Any significant issues are addressed, and this inspection report is available to you. We replace worn filters and wipers, tires if they are more than 5 years old (or excessively worn) and the 12V battery if it is more than 3 years old. We ensure that the high voltage battery is under warranty and has at least 80% of its original capacity. We replace any missing items like cargo covers or knobs. We also provide a Carfax report.


What’s Included In A Lease? We have two plans. In our Base plan, your lease is a lot like owning a car. You get use of the vehicle. During the lease period, you are responsible for insurance, maintenance, repair and charging. With our Gold lease option, we add roadside assistance, a loaner car, and the right to return the vehicle in the event of breakdown or failure. The Gold option costs an added $30/month. Both plans include a 30-day, 1000-mile warranty.


How Much Will I Save? In a single year, driving an EV instead of a traditional gasoline-powered car can save you $1500 or more in fuel and maintenance (Consumer ReportsEVs Offer Big Savings Over Traditional Gas-Powered Cars, 10/08/2020) and save the planet 5 or more tons of greenhouse gases (DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center, Emissions from Electric Vehicles, 2021). 


How Will I Charge My EV? EV’s of course use electricity rather than gas or diesel. With our leases, you are responsible for charging. For many, Level 1 (120V) or Level 2 (240V) home charging is the best choice. However, for those who rent rather than own or for those who live in an apartment, this may not be straightforward. The alternative is workplace and/or public charging. We will help you determine the right approach to charging based on your home and work situation, and driving needs. 


How Will I Maintain My Leased EV? EV’s are generally more reliable than traditional internal combustion engine cars, but have their own maintenance needs. With our Base lease plan, you are entirely responsible for maintenance and repair. With our Gold lease option, we help reduce your risk. We give you the option of returning the unrepaired car for $500 in the event of breakdown or failure. All our EV batteries are warrantied by the manufacturer for at least 8 years and 100,000 miles. Our EVs have a minimum of 3 years and 36,000 miles left on the EV battery warranty.


What About Insurance? Like other vehicles, EV’s involve the risk of loss, damage and liability. For our rentals and leases, you are responsible for obtaining adequate insurance coverage per the requirements below.

  • Liability: $100,000/$300,000

  • Property: $50,000/$100,000

  • Collision: Maximum $1000 Deductible


Do You Sell EVs As Well? Yes. If you are interested in buying an EV rather than renting or leasing one, just contact us. We are currently offering Nissan Leafs for as little as $17,799 and Chevrolet Bolts for as little as $18,499. For many buyers, there are considerable federal, state and local incentives worth thousands of dollars.


What If I'm Not Sure I Want to Buy an EV? Consider our "rent to buy" deal. You provide a deposit on an EV that appeals to you, rent/drive it for three months, and then have the option to buy it at a pre-specified fair price. During the three months, we work with you to make sure you take maximum advantage of available incentives.

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